Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Wish Everyone Would Allow Michael Jackson To Rest In Peace!

I was listening to the television as I was getting dressed the other day and I can't remember what is was but they were talking that bull sh*t about Michael bleaching his skin. I don't know how uneducated you have to be to believe that someone can bleach their skin and turn completely white. If you have every known anyone who has vitiligo you could suspect from the beginning that was what Michael was suffering from. I have known a person since I was little that suffered from universal vitiligo and it turned her completely white, she still has a few brown patches but they are in small areas of her body other wise she is pale white. I came across this video on YouTube that shows pictures of Michael and how he tried to hide the transformation of his skin. I really wish people would leave him alone, he is dead and gone and it is awful that people still have negative things to say about him. It absolutely breaks my heart that people can't even give the man the benefit of the doubt, not even in death.

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