Friday, August 15, 2008

Michael Phelps Is A Beast!

Michael Phelps has won his sixth Olympic Gold Medal during the 2008 summer games and he is still going for more. At the young age of 23 Michael already has 12 gold medals for his career total, he has earned 6 of those during this year's summer games. If he wins one more he will be given a $1million check from his sponsor. He is currently one the most successful athlete in history with his 12 career gold medals, he is also breaking every world record every time he hits the water.

By the by:

Nastia Liukin (US) took the gold in the women's gymnastics all around, Shawn Johnson (US) took the silver and Yilin Yang (China) took the bronze. Team China won the gold for the team competition on Tuesday, while the US took home the silver.

Also, the men's basketball team beat Greece yesterday 92-69, making them 4-0 so far, the women's team beat Spain 93-55, the women are also undefeated. The men play Spain on Saturday.

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