Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bow Wow Is Still My Favorite

I know I haven't done a post on Bow Wow in a while but make no mistake he is still my favorite. Mr. Moss has been a very busy guy lately, from performing at the kids inauguration, to 106 & Park, to appearing on 1st and 10 with Skip Bayless, hitting the clubs with J.D. and just this week he hit up V-103 and again addressed the rumors about him being Karrine's baby daddy. I never really saw anything were Karrine actually came out and said that but I guess she inferred it and the blogs went crazy with it. Well, if there is a baby Bow Wow wants y'all to know "that baby don't look like me." Ha!

Speaking of Karrine she is now claiming to be pregnant by Darius McCray and they are saved and married now. Didn't they have a nasty blow up not to long ago, WOW I have no words.

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